Cleaning services

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At Sodexo, we provide cleaning services to create a clean and safe environment for our clients and their employees and customers

We deliver effective and consistent contract cleaning services across all the environments we operate in to improve quality of life by contributing to an individual’s comfort and safety.

Our consumer centric approach is underpinned by a robust operating platform and measurable key performance indicators. These, along with trained competent staff, drive performance creating an environment which is complimentary to every organisation.

There is science behind our cleaning services

Through our global operating model for cleaning, we combine the skills of highly competent staff with the use of specially developed cleaning service techniques, equipment and materials to deliver the highest standards of cleaning.

Our contract cleaning service is designed with flexibility and effectiveness in mind, which reduces paperwork to get back to the essence of cleaning.

A cleaning service tailored to your environment

Our service framework can be tailored to deliver high standards of cleaning against the specific business needs of many varied environments, such as:

  • global headquarters

  • office buildings

  • pharmaceutical production facilities

  • education establishments

  • stadia and venues

  • defence garrisons 

  • industrial and manufacturing premises.

Delivering the highest measurable standards

We understand that the results we deliver need to be visible and measurable. We use technology to record, report and review performance. By carefully monitoring input we can measure tangible outputs and effectively manage the cleaning service.

Our commitment to the environment

Our clients can be assured that our cleaning solutions are environmentally tailored to minimise the effect on the environment. We work closely with our supply partners to source chemicals, consumables and machinery that deliver the latest on innovation with minimal impact on the environment.



Offer-Essence2Through the essence cleaning offer we deliver an effective and consistent cleaning service  that creates a clean and safe environment for all, everyday.

The offer is supported by a comprehensive range of policies, procedures and tools to aid performance - from selecting the best  chemical for a specific task to carrying out a decontamination clean in a laboratory controlled environment.



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Highly trained teams

Cleaning training

Our management and cleaning teams undergo specific training which is practically and theoretically underpinned by the British institute of Cleaning Science principles.

The basic skills training programme is supported by a series of standard operating procedures and records level of competence, giving us absolute confidence in the calibre of staff we send to your organisation.

Sustainable supplies


We are committed to sourcing food, products and equipment that are high quality and have environmental attributes while supporting our suppliers' development through balanced and long-term relationships.

Improving working conditions of cleaners

Sodexo is a member of the Equality and Human Rights Commission's (EHRC)  for cleaning taskforce and is committed to supporting its campaign Cleaners: see the true value, launched 20 October 2015.

As a member we are committed to improving working conditions for cleaning operatives across the cleaning industry by:

blue-arrowpromoting employers compliance with employment law and improving workers understanding of employment rights
blue-arrowimproving the impact of public and private sector procurement of cleaning services on employment conditions in the sector
blue-arrowencouraging the respectful treatment of cleaning operatives’

Find out more about the campaign at the EHRC’s website