Visiting the prison

Prison officer

Maintaining contact with family members or close friends is an important part of the rehabilitation process and helps to support our residents during their sentence.

Our large, open-plan visits halls provide a relaxed atmosphere for both residents and their visitors. With refreshments available to purchase and play areas for younger children, we want to make your visiting experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

We understand that visiting a prison can be quite daunting, especially if it is your first visit, so we try to make your experience as positive as possible. We want you to enjoy your visit so we operate a zero tolerance for violence and aggressive behaviour to help us maintain a calm, friendly environment.

Security: As you would expect, security is a major consideration for us so we ask all visitors are required to comply with our rules of conduct and behaviour. Please make sure that you read the list of prohibited items carefully to avoid any confusion or delays.

Smoking policy: Please note, in line with Government policy, smoking is no longer permitted anywhere within the prison. All smoking-related items - such as tobacco, lighters, rizzla papers - are now contraband, meaning it is illegal to bring them onsite.

No smoking site

Types of visit

Details about the social (friends and family), legal and official (residents who do not receive social visits) visits allowed at HMP YOI Peterborough.

  • Social visits: these can be made by friends and family members of residents at HMP YOI Peterborough. The first visit (within the first 28 days) can be booked by the visitor; all visits after this must be booked by the resident using the kiosk system.
  • Legal visits: these include legal teams and police productions. These must be booked at least 24 hours in advance of the requested date and time so that we can provide a confirmation letter and make sure that the visitor is from a legitimate company
    • Visits to the male and female estate should be faxed to: 01733 217513
    • Via email to
    • Or via telephone to 01733 217521
    • Video link bookings – call 01733 217500 extn 7207 or fax 01733 217511
  • Official Prison Visitors (OPVs): OPVs are volunteers who come into the prison to visit residents who would otherwise not have any visitors. They are members of the public with whom residents can talk in confidence, establishing a degree of trust and mutual understanding. To find out more contact

Visiting times

Details about visiting times for social (friends and family) visits allowed at HMP YOI Peterborough.

All visits take place between:

  • 13:30 – 18:30 during the week
  • 13:30 and 16:30 at weekends

The latest time you can book a visit is 17:30 on a weekday and 15:30 at the weekend. The visitor centre opens half an hour before visiting time begins to allow you time to arrive, book in and secure your belongings.

Female social visits are held on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.
Male social visits are held on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

The frequency and length of visits a resident can book are dependent upon the regime to which they are assigned and whether they are on remand or have been convicted:

Regime* Remand Convicted


One visit per day for a maximum of 30 minutes

One visit per week for a maximum of one hour




Seven hours total per week for a maximum of two hours per visit

One visit per week for a maximum of two hours per visit




Seven hours total per week for a maximum of three hours per visit

One visit per week for a maximum of two hours per visit




Eight hours total per week for a maximum of three hours per visit

15 hours total per month for a maximum of three hours per visit

*The regime a resident is following is determined by their behaviour, adding and removing privileges to discourage inappropriate behaviour.

How to book a visit

Details of how to book a visit to HMP YOI Peterborough.

You can pre-book your first visit to HMP YOI Peterborough by calling 01733 217536.

This should be done within the first 28 days following the start of the resident’s stay in custody.

All subsequent visits must be booked by the resident via the kiosk system.

Before and during visits

Guidance for those visiting residents at HMP YOI Peterborough.

  1. Photo ID and proof of address - When visiting, make sure you bring photo ID with you and proof of your address, such as a utility bill (gas, electricity, water, council tax etc) or a bank or building society statement. These must be less than three months old.

    Accepted forms of photo ID are:

    - Driving licence (photo card)
    - Valid passport
    - Citizenship card
    - Bus pass
    - Blue Badge with photo

    If you do not have photo ID you should bring either your birth certificate plus two utility bills or bank/building society statements. Or you can bring three utility bills/bank or building society statements – each must be from a different organisation.

  2. On arrival, you will find an information desk to your left where you will find leaflets from a variety of support organisations and local travel information.

  3. Photographs and finger printing - Next, you’ll book in for your visit where your name, identification and booking details will be checked. If it is your first visit you will have your photo taken and fingerprint scanned. These will be checked each time you visit. If you have brought any property with you for a resident, you will need to hand it in here.
  4. Prohibited items - When you have booked in, you will need to use a locker to deposit any prohibited items, such as keys, mobile phones, cigarettes, tobacco, lighters etc. Peterborough is becoming a smoke free prison, so anything related to smoking is now considered a prohibited item.
    Please read the list of prohibited items carefully.

  5. Locker storage - You will need a £1 coin to operate the lockers.  
    Please note that it needs to be the new 12-sided coin.

  6. Seating is available for you while you wait and refreshments are available from the Friends of Peterborough Prison kiosk. Our Family Matters team are located next to the kiosk and can help you to be involved with your family member while they are in prison, helping to retain or rebuild family ties.
  7. Security - When it is time to go through for your visit, you will pass through airport-style security. Any bags will be passed through a scanner and you will walk through a metal detector.

    You’ll also need to agree to a ‘level A’ rub down search.

    Official visitors are required to agree to a ‘level B’ rub down search.

    If you refuse to be searched, you will not be allowed to enter the prison. 
  8. Please be advised that there may be dogs working on site. Do not try to pet them as they are working.
  9. During your visit you will be able to purchase refreshments – you are allowed to bring a maximum of £20 in cash with you to the visits hall and we would request that this is small denomination notes and coins.
    Please note that we no longer accept the old, round £1 coins.
  10. At the end of your visit, officers will escort you back to the reception area where you will be able to collect any belongings from the lockers.

Meeting a resident on their release

Details about meeting a resident on the day of their release.

When you come to meet a resident on the day of their release you are welcome to wait in our visits centre, where you will have access to toilet facilities.

What you can bring or send in for residents

See a full list of the items you can bring in for residents

Please check the list of prohibited items to make sure you are not trying to bring or send in banned items.

HMP YOI Peterborough
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Tel: 01733 217500
Fax: 01733 217501

Family Matters team

Our Family Matters team, located in the visits centre, can help to answer your questions and provide support in helping you to maintain or rebuild your relationship with the resident.

Visiting the prison

Watch our short video to see what to expect when you arrive for your visit.