About HMP YOI Peterborough

About Peterborough

Built on the former site of Baker Perkins engineering works, HMP YOI Peterborough opened in March 2005 and comprises a local category B prison, a closed women’s prison and a category C extension, operated by Sodexo Justice Services.

HMP YOI Peterborough is the only purpose-built prison in the country to accommodate both male and female residents, who are kept separate at all times. The prison also has a mother and baby unit on site.

In line with Government policy, all prisons across the country are to become smoke free. The female prison became smoke free on 11 September 2017; the male prison became smoke free on 29 January 2018. Please note, all tobacco products are now considered contraband.

Safe and secure living for residents

Our objective is to provide a safe and secure living and working environment for residents in our care. Our aim is to reduce reoffending through the provision of a rehabilitative culture, offering education and training opportunities, together with support from agencies both within and outside the prison.

Our Outside Links centre provides a vital point of contact and support for those who have been released from custody, helping them to take the first steps towards building a new life in the community.


Details about the main male and female accommodation blocks.

Female: The uncrowded capacity is 360 including a separate Mother and Baby Unit which can accommodate 12 mums. The main accommodation comprises of two houseblocks each containing five wings.

Houseblock One holds women on remand and sentenced YOIs, stabilisation, Induction, Lifers and open unit.

Houseblock Two holds a foreign national unit, complex residents unit and all sentenced women.

The majority of the accommodation is single occupancy and the wings hold on average 38 women. There is a Separation and Care unit and a 15-bed healthcare facility.


Male: The current crowded capacity for male residence is 868. Each wing houses approximately 80 residents with the exception of Z2, the enhanced wing, which has 64. There are twelve wings on the male side across three houseblocks.

Each cell has integral sanitation and the wings each have shower facilities, a servery area plus an association area. There is a Separation and Care Unit which holds 14 prisoners and an inpatient Healthcare unit which can hold up to 14 residents.

Early Days Centre - male prison

Providing peer support to new residents to help them adjust to the prison environment.

EDC wing image

We understand that coming into prison, especially for the first time, can be very daunting and overwhelming. To help support men arriving into HMP Peterborough, we have made changes to our induction processes, repositioning them as ‘Early Days In Custody’ (EDIC) and rebranding one of our wings as the Early Days Centre.

By creating a dedicated residential wing and placing signs for the Early Days Centre in both reception and at the wing gates, we are creating a tangible journey for new residents between their arrival and subsequent move into the general prison population. Spending time in the Early Days Centre will help new residents to settle into the routines and processes of the prison, as well as enabling staff to ensure that any early concerns or issues are identified so that appropriate support can be provided.

New residents can feel overwhelmed by their move into the general population, seemingly blending in but still experiencing difficulties and challenges.
The time spent in the Early Days Centre is designed to properly equip them with the information and support they need to best manage their time in custody. It is an opportunity to ensure that they are familiar with processes such as ordering menu selections, purchasing items on the canteen, accessing visits and essential information for training and education.

A key part of the Early Days Centre is the presence of ‘Insiders’ – existing residents who have been vetted and trained to provide peer support to new arrivals. The Insiders are able to spend time with them to explain how the prison works, what is expected of them and what they can expect during their time in the prison.
Insiders are an important link between staff and residents. There may be times when a resident is unsure of a process, needs information or advice and doesn’t feel comfortable approaching prison staff. The Insider can provide the familiarity and understanding of someone who has been in their position, speaking from a position of empathy and experience.

Insiders can also help staff to identify residents who may be struggling to adjust or require additional support. As part of their duty of care and without breaching confidentiality, they are able to flag to staff that a resident may be feeling down or showing signs of potential self-harm, enabling officers to monitor their wellbeing and offer support where appropriate.

HMP YOI Peterborough
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