Director’s welcome

Prison officer walking through prison

Welcome to HMP Peterborough.

Our aim is to support those in our care by providing a safe, decent and secure prison. We deliver a wide range of interventions to support prisoners during their time with us, including a purposeful activity, employment and education. We have dedicated programmes to support those who have struggled with substance misuse or aggression, helping individuals to make more positive choices in their rehabilitative journey.

Opened in 2005, HMP Peterborough is the only prison in England and Wales that houses both male and female prisons – effectively it’s two prisons on one site. As part of our commitment to the local area, we also operate Outside Links, which is a community-based hub that provides support to former prisoners, local street-homeless people and other vulnerable individuals, facilitating connections to essential services.

Working collaboratively with local companies, voluntary organisations and partners from various areas, we aim to improve the quality of life of all of those involved with the prison. That means ensuring we provide a safe, decent prison for those in our care, a secure facility to safeguard our local community, and a positive, motivational environment in which our colleagues can learn, grow and flourish in a challenging but rewarding career.

I am proud to be working here at HMP Peterborough with a team of professionals who are passionate about and dedicated to delivering rehabilitation and reducing reoffending.

Ian Whiteside

HMP YOI Peterborough
Saville Road

Tel: 01733 217500